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We know it can take time to get into a new routine. And, for some, it can take time to really feel the benefits. Some feel it immediately, others it can take a bit more time. Everyone is different.

We’re here to tell you — stick with it and we promise you’ll feel confident First Day is a healthy addition to your family’s routine.

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If you don’t take our word for it, take it from others just like you! With over 460,000+ happy families served and over 5,000 five-star reviews, we really think you’ll be a First Day believer, too!

  • Peace Of Mind

    "My granddaughter asks for her vitamins every morning. Makes me happy knowing she’s getting a lot of good nutrients without the sugar that comes in the traditional gummy vitamins!!"

    Kelly P.

    NOV 8 2021

  • Picky Eaters Approved!

    "All 3 of my picky eaters happily eat these daily and actually have made the comments that they wish they could eat the whole bag bc of how delicious they taste.

    Highly recommend First Day!"

    Katie B.

    JAN 19 2022

  • Where Have These Been?

    "I decided to give first day a try. Not only did they taste great but they actually are all natural. No crazy hidden ingredients and bonus my husband actually takes his every day as well. Thank you for creating first day!!!"

    Jenn M.

    FEB 6 2022

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First Day Kids' Daily Enrichment

As a parent of two young girls I was struggling with their behavior, sleep, and overall well-being. After hearing about First Day Kids Daily Enrichment gummy vitamins, I decided to give them a try, and I couldn't be happier with the results. After a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant improvement in their behavior. They are more focused, calmer, and generally more pleasant to be around. One of the biggest changes we've seen is in their sleep. They sleep soundly through the night which has changed our whole families mood and energy levels. Overall my daughters just feel better. They have energy during the day and seem happier. It's amazing to see the difference these vitamins have made in their daily lives. Also knowing that First Day uses high quality natural ingredients free from artificial additives and fillers gives me peace of mind as a parent. My girls love the taste and ask for their gummies every morning. I highly recommend them to any parent looking for high quality, effective, yummy tasting vitamin for their children.

Great Gummy Vitamins!

My son was a little hesitant at first due to the texture of gummies in general but after consistent exposure, he came to love these gummies! It did seem to help with his overall mood and sleep as well.

Best Vitamins

My husband and I started taking First Day Multivitamins about a year ago now, maybe a little more. Long story short, if you aren’t taking these, you need to be. These vitamins have made us feel like new people. We rarely forget to take ours because you can literally feel it physically and mentally when you haven’t taken them for the day. I have a really hard time sleeping, since taking these it has improved , still not great but that could just be me as I have always had a hard time with sleep. Nothing has ever improved my sleep until these so I still feel it’s a positive. Less headaches, better moods, better appetites (I used to eat once a day, I eat at least 2 full meals plus snacks a day now.) All in all, great addition for us. At least give it a try.

Best Vitamins on the market !!

One of the Best Vitamins on the market !

Finally a vitamin my kids look forward to eating!

I’ve tried a number of children’s vitamins and this is the first brand that I don’t have to beg my kids to take. They are yummy!

Love em all!

Hi, I'm here to write that in my 1 year + of using first day vitamins for my son I have noticed a huge difference in him. Recent blood work has come back with everything functioning properly in his body, meaning he is getting the right nutrients he needs. Because of this, I have purchased the belly biotic bag and we are about 5 days into starting them. I have noticed that my son doesn't have as much trouble going #2 and that #2 has become more regular than he has been in a long time. So far I'm very happy with my purchase and will continue to use and watch the magic happen. Would 10/10 recommend anything from first day to friends and family (and anyone who will listen)

Thank full

These vitamins are very easy to take because they are a gummy and I have been around people that are sick and I have not gotten anything. I think they’re helping with my immune system.

Awesome taste, texture, and quality!

So far so good. Most multi for woman give me bowel issues but not these ones. I am more regular the ever. Worth it!

they remind me and even want MORE!

I've been giving my kids First Day Kids Multivitamins, and we love them! They really love the fruity flavor and the chewy texture. No more struggles to get them to take their vitamins—they remind me and even want MORE! It’s comforting to know my kids are getting clean, healthy nutrients.
Since starting these, my kids have more energy and seem happier and more focused. I can really see the difference! and noticed that they have not gotten sick (Knock on wood) Highly recommend!

Zero Arguments

As a 90’s child I grew up having chalky character shaped “vitamins” offered to me every morning. I still cringe thinking about that taste! I’m jealous my kids have these gummies instead! What I remember with dread as a kid, my kids look forward to! One less argument on the way out the door in the morning is a win in my book!

So happy

I've been so happy with all the first day vitamins, me as a 64 year grandma , since I've been taking the womans vitamins, I've noticed my hair and nails look so good and as a plus I have mor energy, Connie from Oregon

The best vitamins!

These are the best vitamins. The whole family loves them, and they taste great.

Great Vitamins

My kids love them and so do I.

the best multi vitamins for kids!

complete multi vitamins for my granddaughter. easy to chew and taste good unlike other gummies.

My little one love’s First Day Vitamin!

After buying different brands of vitamins, this was the only one my daughter enjoyed taking. The fruit flavor is delicious & her immune system got stronger. I noticed throughout the school year, it was rare if she came home with a bug or cold. Thank you First Day for being a reliable vitamin we can trust! 🤩

Fantastic Vitamins with Fantastic flavor

I’ve been using First Day gummy vitamins for over a year, and I definitely feel a difference. Could be without them. Highly recommend.

I stand my these vitamins and their testimonies. I've been given These to my daughter for about 6 months now I immediately noticed a change in her behaviors and moods. Yummy gummies are so easy and tasty that if i forget my little will remind me she hasn't yet had get vitamins.

Great product for kids!

I have a 9 year old and a 7 year old, they have always struggled with taking vitamins. we have tried multiple types and brands and First Day is the only one that they love. It’s one less battle of the day and they are staying healthy and on track!

Magic Gummies? You said it

I really feel like this has made a change in my kid's behavior. I wasn't really convinced at first but it seems like we really see a change in how things are going on here at home.
We've been using the gummies for about a year now and I absolutely recommend it.

Forever Customer!

I was so happy to have found these vitamins when I did, I had just started exploring multivitamins for my 4 yr old and ran across First Day. Not only do I have a peace of mind that Im giving my son the nutrients that he needs with no additional additives, but the company itself has been the by far the easiest to work with. Ordering is never a problem, shipping is fast and I don't ever feel "locked in" to some contract like other companies are doing these days. I order a new bottle when I see we are running low and I continue to order like this bc I WANT TO and that makes me feel comfortable. We had an issue with an order one time, that I wouldn't even call a big deal, more of a question to customer support and the level of customer service I was given was above and beyond. Im also starting to take the gut check womens vitamins and they are working wonders as well. Highly recommend First Day! Keep up the good work :)

Amazing Vitamins:)

My daughters love these vitamins so much they never complain when its time to take them and I love that plus they say it taste sooooo YUMMYYYY MOMMY :)Glad I saw the ad for this company keep up the AMAZING work lifetime CUSTOMER here !!!!!!:*)

Excellent product

Good product and excellent service

Great product!

My kid is very picky and just loves these.

Women’s multivitamins

I purchased the first day women’s daily supercharge multi gummy because I kept seeing the adds pop up on my facebook feed. Everything the women in the video talked about seemed like they were talking to me. I was a little hesitant at first because I have bought other gummy’s and they tasted horrible and I dent like it did nothing for me. These vitamins taste like gummy candy. And I have a lot of energy now throughout the day !! So happy I decided to order!

The only vitamin my 4 year old will eat!

I know how important it is for children to have their vitamins because most don't eat right. This is the only vitamin my 4 year old will eat. And believe me, I've tried them all! Hundreds of wasted dollars to get to this one. Thank God we finally have a vitamin she will eat!