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  • "It’s nearly impossible to get kids to eat the required three to four servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That’s why I recommend First Day Vitamins for children."

    Kim Langdon

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    "When I choose vitamins, I consider their quality and safety records, ingredients, dosage, and testing protocol. First Day has created an excellent supplement for children."

    Leann Poston
    M.D, M.Ed, MBA,
    Pediatrician and Medical Educator

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It's been a few weeks since I started taking the vitamins and I have noticed my energy has improved

First day kids

Saw an ad online and it sounded like some issues I have with my son. So have ordered a few bottles so far of the kids vitamins. I am happy so far and will be ordering some for myself.

Best kids vitamins!

My kids love it! My daughter can’t wait to get her gummy every morning!

Best vitamins!

These vitamins are great. Easy to get my kids to take them, and I love knowing my kids are getting the best vitamins.

Great vitamin

My children have a hard time finding vitamins they like the taste of but they loved these! Gelatin free as well not contained too much sugar. Great product!


It’s like I have a new kid. I can’t believe it.


All of my kids love these vitamins. I never have to remind them to take them — they actually want to. I like mine too. Nice flavour, all the good stuff and no nasty pills to swallow is a win.

So delicious

I have been taking First Day for almost 30 days. Love the taste and natural ingredients. Thanks First Day for a fantastic vitamin.


I purchase these vitamins for both my kids and myself and couldn't say more positive things. They taste great, ensure a serving of veggies gets into my picky eater, and keep bowel movements regular!

Women’s Health

As women it is important to think of our own health as we are often taking care of everyone else. I love that the ingredients in these vitamins are natural. I’m happy to be taking a vitamin I can trust will have positive benefits for my health. As you age it is especially important to be on top of your health care

Kids Daily Enrichment - Refill Pouch

Teen boys love them

We have tried many gummy vitamins and my teen boys love these! Feel good as a mom giving my boys these vitamins that are not full of “bad” things when I’m trying to keep them healthy!

Picky eater

I have a picky eater and although she never stopped being a picky eater I felt better knowing the vitamins were helping meet the gaps in her nutrition. She loved the flavor of the gummies and always looked forward to eating them. I did notice a difference in her mood after taking them. I love that they are natural and didn't have too much sugar.

Love these and my teen approves too!

My teenage son really likes these and always tells me how much he likes the taste. I love the peace of mind that it’s not sugar-coated and full of fillers his growing body doesn’t need. Thanks, First Day!

The kids loved the taste!

I bought these for my grand children, they loved the taste so it’s no problem to get them to take them. I love the ingredients. Also, they are not too sticky, so even kids with braces can eat them.

Best vitamins

We have been looking for vitamins that are low in sugar and great on flavor. Our child has a very sensitive taste palate. He loves these vitamins and never complains about taking them. We love that they are low in sugar and high in nutrition.

Great supplements and great customer supports

Been using these for 8 months now and feeling better . Customer service are very responsive if you have any issues my son also takes the kids version

Womens Daily Supercharge - Refill Pouch

Kid approved!!!

My daughter loves them so much I have to hide them because she wants to take more. I love them because everything in them is natural sourced and they're not sticky like other gummies.

Kids Daily Enrichment

Good taste!

Feel great

Great vitamins for moms and kids!

My family loves their vitamins now. We used to take multiple gummies each day to get everything we needed out of them. Now it’s just one!

First Care

The product is perfect. My two little boys remind me that we all need to take them. They refer to them as “their snacks”. The customer service I have received due to the delivery company not being reliable like they should be, was out of this world. I’ve never had such a fast response and solution in my whole life! And that’s 20 plus years of shopping!

Great vitamins

The vitamins are great! They have a great taste. We feel so much better taking them

Highly recommend

I am so thankful for this product. I feel better knowing that everything is organic instead of processed in a lab. I feel healthier and I am starting to get my energy back. Thank you, First Day!