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    "When I choose vitamins, I consider their quality and safety records, ingredients, dosage, and testing protocol. First Day has created an excellent supplement for children."

    Leann Poston
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Women’s Daily Supercharge

I’ve only been using these vitamins for 1 month but I already feel more energized and love the taste!

Love them!

I have a hard time taking pills so these are perfect for me and they taste great! Customer service great too! I had an issue with packaging and they were quick to help!

Love these vitamins

I would have to say these vitamins are great for my son. He is just turning 4yrs. I've tried 2 other brands prior which he didnt like. Since these 2 flavors are his favorite, he seems to like them. He will remind me of his vitamins. I definitely will continue and start my daughter on them when she is 4 as well.

so far so good

the first positive is that my kids like the flavor. We tried other brands that were also good but the taste was terrible.


Hands down the best Women’s Multi-Vitamin I have taken by far! I have recommended these to my family members and friends! I have 4 kids and plan to get them the teen & the children’s multi-vitamins as well!

Great vitamin

Diet is something I struggle with, so knowing the kids are getting a good vitamin is something so important!!! They love first day!!!


I love my vitamins!


Wow!!! I found First Day a real game changer.
But, in the same time, my son seems to have developed a huge appetite. And he was an eater before also, but now, it’s like every 2 hours he is hungry 😋 I definitely recommend this product 👏👏👏

Great Vitamins!

I really love these vitamins but the customs fee has deterred me from buying more


I've been taking these for a few months now and I really feel a difference.

Amazing results

I got the multi vitamins and probiotics for my 12 year old daughter and what a difference it makes. If you have a moody child don’t hesitate and buy it. It’s worth it!!!

Yummy and make you feel good

I have the women’s gummies and have been taking them for one month, I enjoy the taste (like fruit gummies but not with that fake sugar taste). My kids take the kids daily gummies. They don’t always want to them but they’ve gotten more used to it. They taste good but are not super sweet. I feel good about them because I know they’re getting healthy gummies without all the excess sugar.

Love them

I love these and they are the first multi vitamin to not give me a headache

Madre sastifecha

Estoy muy sastifecha con los resultados mi hija de 4 años tiene 2 semanas estarás consumiendo y los resultados son excelentes muy recomendadas ella era muy enojona siempre tenia hambre .


My Teenager has actually taken her vitamins & probiotics everyday. Without complaining or my prompting her. She said they taste good too! I feel like this is a huge win for us!

Absolutely love First Day multivitamins

They are great. You feel so great once you get enough for your body to react to them. My husband and I have been taking First Day multivitamins for about 4 weeks. We didnt feel any affects from them till after couple weeks. Now I feel a lot better in the morning. More energy, alertness and mood swings are a lot better. I Just feel an overall better body and I don’t have near as many aches and pains like before. I’m mentally stronger .
So we will continue to take First Day and will see what other vitamins they offer. But please try them, you won’t regret it.
Janie Aldridge

My guts are much healthier

After taking the Women's Good Guy Gummies, I can go to the bathroom every morning. Thank you for this great product!

First Day Kids

My child is so excited everyday to get their vitamin! Their mood has improved. And they seem to have more energy! Thanks to First Day.

Awsome product

These things rock. I will be ordering them again. Thank! :)

Very good

Great tasting gummies, fast shipping and good customer service!

Thought maybe these were too good to be true... I was wrong!

I ordered the starter kits for my son and myself. I was hopeful that these would help fill in the gaps in our nutrition, but mostly I was concerned about my kid actually wanting to eat them. They taste great! My son loves them and actually asks for them every morning (he's 8.5 and neurodivergent so this is a big win). I like the taste too and I look forward to taking them. But the biggest thing is the difference they have made for me... I haven't noticed a big difference for my son but wow, I have much more energy, I feel tired at bed time, fall asleep fast, and wake up before my alarm every morning, feeling totally well rested. It's some kind of witchcraft! I've already ordered my refills. I didn't think the tummy gummies made any difference for me so I haven't re-ordered those, but the daily multivitamins have really helped me. I'm totally impressed! In the future, I hope First Day will register their products with Health Canada, get an NPN, and start warehousing/fulfilling from within Canada so I don't have to wait so long and pay duties on my shipments.

Great vitamins

My daughters and I (ages 10, 16, 44) all use these vitamins and they are a great supplement that helps with energy and general wellness.


Great product. My kids love it!

Love my vitamins

I love mine!!! I take them EVERYDAY when I wake up! It's now part of my daily routine! Thank you FirstDay !

Great Gummies

Great yummy taste, My entire family favorite supplements. No side effects so far,Enticing colors for its bottle along with lid. Overall great quality experience with excellent product and company services. Love it, 2 thumbs 👍 👍 up.