The Benefits of Women's Multivitamins—and Which Ones to Take

The Benefits of Women's Multivitamins—and Which Ones to Take


Women's nutritional needs evolve throughout different stages in their lives. That's why taking multivitamins is a good way to boost your health -- no matter what age.

There are many benefits of women's vitamins. However, it's not just about buying aimlessly. Women's health is much more complex than men's, mainly because of your reproductive life and the different changes your body goes through.

In this article, you will learn more about the reasons why taking a multivitamin helps, which essential vitamins and minerals women need, and other health and wellness tips for women.


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Why do women need supplements?

Let's face it: We don't always have the luxury to eat a balanced diet everyday. Life can get ahead of us that sometimes, we miss out on necessary nutrients that keep us healthy and energized.

While a well-rounded diet is unbeatable when it comes to getting the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep us going, supplements are here to bridge certain nutritional gaps.

It keeps you empowered and energized

The demands of everyday life can be overwhelming, especially if your immune system isn't strong enough to cope. Whether there's tons of office work, home chores or an exercise regimen you do everyday, you will need the right set of nutrients to keep you going.

B vitamins are what we call the energizers that help you function well. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 are all water-soluble nutrients that not only keep you fueled throughout the day but also, help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, blood clots and stroke.

These vitamins are commonly found in foods like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. However, Vitamin B12 is exclusively found in milk, fish and meat. Taking a Vitamin B supplement can also aid in energizing you, and keeping your bodily functions at optimum health.


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It helps your body cope with changes over time

Women who are postmenopausal are more likely to develop bone deficiencies because of reduced estrogen levels. When you lack calcium and Vitamin D, it could lead to osteoporosis, among others.

Bone strength during your later years could prevent conditions such as this so getting an earlier head start definitely helps. On top of getting your regular dose of Vitamin D and calcium from foods like eggs, dairy products, oily fish like salmon, and vegetables, supplementing may help ensure stronger bones as you grow older.

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It ensures better health for pregnant women

Being deficient in essential nutrients not only affects your overall health and wellness. It could also affect your baby's health too.

Your body needs an increased amount of certain vitamins and minerals like iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, omega 3, folic acid, B vitamins during pregnancy. All these are important to support fetal development and reduce the likelihood of birth defects like spinal bifida and autism. Furthermore, you must remember that these nutrients are instrumental during breastfeeding. A lack of calcium, protein, iron, and other vitamins could deter you from producing breast milk, which is key to your baby's proper development.

It could be more difficult to eat right regularly for women who are pregnant. That's why taking the appropriate prenatal multivitamin may help fill in the gaps. Just remember: have your doctor provide medical advice before buying them. This way, you can be sure that you're taking the right steps for you and your baby.

It aids vegetarians and vegans

Supplements play a vital role among vegetarians and vegans. Being on a restrictive diet may mean you're not getting the supply of essential nutrients your body needs to sustain itself every day. Since you can't eat just about any food, you could be missing out on certain nutritional benefits.

Like we mentioned earlier, Vitamin B12 is only found in meat, fish and milk. This is where taking a multivitamin definitely helps you prevent any vitamin deficiency.

It makes you feel good inside and out

We all know our bodies require certain nutrients to keep us healthy and help prevent any illnesses and conditions that may surface when we age. Another benefit of taking women's multivitamins is it's great for your skin, specifically Vitamin E. That's why you'll notice that it's a prevalent ingredient among cosmetic products.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that protects your skin from environmental stressors. With regular intake, it helps your skin look vibrant and healthier, even when you grow older. Moreover, Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress, which can weaken your blood cells and may lead to disorders when you age.

Make it a practice to eat food rich in Vitamin E like seeds, nuts, and green leafy vegetables as well as taking supplements that contain it. It also prevents age-related eye disorders like cataract, helps manage diabetes, and may ease osteoarthritis symptoms.

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It improves your health and may protect you from future health conditions

Supplements for women aren't only meant to be taken when you grow older or when you are pregnant. Overtime, adults need specific vitamins and minerals that improve body and mind functions as well as boost one's immune system. A lack of it may mean you are much more susceptible to health complications later on.

For one, women are more prone to breast cancer. Ensuring you are eating a well-balanced diet or supplementing with beta carotene lowers your risk of developing it. Moreover, beta carotene is also vital in increasing one's survival among those who already have breast cancer.

Being nutrient-deficient can easily be addressed with a proper diet and a regular intake of the right supplement. Save yourself the difficulties of developing a medical condition and pumping yourself with medications that could do more harm than good. Take control of your health early on and pave yourself a path towards a healthy future.


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Why aren't supplements enough?

Evidence has shown that taking women's supplements isn't enough to boost your health. Like we always say, it isn't a magic pill that will cure any conditions or ensure you're going to be healthy throughout your life. These multivitamins are meant to supplement and assist you in preventing any nutritional deficiency.

While dietary supplements are recommended, it's still best to eat a proper diet.

What are the important daily vitamins and minerals for women?

Now that you know why supplements play a vital role among women, it's time to better understand just exactly what you need to remain healthy and ultimately, help you lead a fuller life.


Folate is a form of Vitamin B that produces and maintains healthy red blood cells. It's also essential in proper brain function.

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body. A lack of it may mean developing blood disorders like anemia. When you have it, oxygen isn't distributed properly to your tissues and organs, which could then lead to other hazardous health conditions like cervical, colon, brain and lung cancer. Moreover, 50-70% of birth defects may be prevented by getting enough folic acid just before and throughout the first month of pregnancy, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Like folic acid, iron carries oxygen throughout the body. It also aids in the production of red blood cells and supports cognitive development, immune system and temperature regulation. Plus, it's absolutely essential during pregnancy.

Oftentimes, fatigue and shortness of breath are related to a lack of iron. If you don't have enough iron in your body, you could also be at a greater risk for anemia. Moreover, blood loss during period depletes your body's iron storage. So it's particularly crucial for women with heavy blood flow to eat foods rich in iron and/or take iron supplements.


Calcium ensures you have stronger bones, teeth and muscles. It's one of the best minerals for women, as they start losing their bone density in their twenties. That's why experts highly encourage packing on the calcium intake as early as possible. So you could be far from developing bone problems in the future, which can increasingly become more painful as you age.


Magnesium helps maintain muscle and nerve function, regulates blood sugar levels and supports a healthier immune system. It's also responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our body. Plus, it works wonders against stress and promotes relaxation.

Magnesium deficiency could mean you're at a greater risk for diarrhea, migraine and excessive vomiting.


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B Vitamins

These vitamins turn food into fuel. They also contribute to healthier skin, hair, and eyes. Plus, they help maintain proper nerve function, muscle tone, metabolism and keep our minds sharp.

Deficiency could lead to a ton of symptoms like loss of appetite, abdominal pains, tiredness, depression, muscle cramps, respiratory infections, eczema, hair loss, and birth defects among pregnant women.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps our body heal by repairing damaged tissues, bones and teeth. It also facilitates normal body functions. Similar to Vitamin E, Vitamin C is also often an ingredient among cosmetic products.

When you lack Vitamin C, symptoms like nosebleeds, easy bruising, gingivitis and splitting hair may show. Moreover, your body may have a harder time healing from wounds and fighting off infections.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes cell growth, better bone development, as well as neuromuscular and immune growth. It also helps facilitate better skin and hair.

Without sufficient Vitamin D, your bones can become brittle and misshapen. It could also weaken muscles and could lead to other complications like diabetes. If you also live in dark areas where the sun doesn't shine as often as in other places, taking Vitamin D supplements or eating foods rich in it can bridge deficiencies.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A promotes better eyesight, skin, and immune functions. It also plays a role in preventing certain stomach, colon, and esophageal cancer. Plus, it reduces the risk of acne and promotes healthier growth and reproduction.


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Looking out for yourself

Women go through a lot of changes throughout their lifetime. It's crucial to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising regularly, and supplementing when necessary.


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