Tips to Feed Your Picky Eaters

Do your kids happily eat some foods and toss others on the floor? Here are a few solutions to getting your kids to eat a balanced diet…

  • Don't fight it

Offer them a few different options so that they can feel like the choice is theirs... as opposed to putting pressure on them to eat something specific.

  • Be patient

Your kids might not feel like trying certain foods the first time around, but be patient. They might just want to see and smell the new food before they taste it. If they throw it out, try again on another day.

  • Give them colours

Many children warm up to veggies when they help to pick out the ones they like. Orange, red, purple or green? 

  • More water, fewer juices

Your kids might not be hungry at mealtime because they drink too much milk or juice during the day. Offer them water during the day instead. 

  • Solve the sweet tooth

Offer snacks that are naturally sweet like low-fat yogurt, fruit, and frozen bananas. Don't keep lots of sweets in the house. Don't use sweets as a bribe or reward. 

Last but not the least, give them a good daily supplement. Our Kids Multivitamin gummy is made with our simple “less is more” approach and contains everything they need to grow up strong and healthy.


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