Getting a full day's vitamins into your kids shouldn’t have to require a bucket of sugar. That's why parents are turning to these yummy gummies.

  • Parents love First Day gummies because they're organic, science-backed, packed with 9 essential vitamins and have 80% less sugar than the typical kid's gummy vitamin.

  • Over 25 million First Day gummies were sold in actually sold out 6 times!

  • Doctors from Harvard, Yale, and Ohio State love these gummies.

When Mary Poppins sang "A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down," corporate America took note.

Every parent struggles to get healthy foods like veggies, beans and mushrooms into their children. And most vitamin companies give them a way out - a quick sugar-filled gummy that rots teeth and ignites a child's afterburners while still failing to provide their daily nutrients.

And yes, parents want their children to grow, think, learn and act at the highest levels. But they also HATE kids who gag through dinner while swallowing anything green.

In fact, did you know some children's gummy "vitamins" have so much sugar that they can negatively impact a child's digestion?

Real fruit, real veggies, real vitamins in your kids belly and they’ll actually enjoy the experience.

First Day is the organic, science-backed, kids multivitamin that parents, doctors, and Kids actually love!

Doctors from Harvard, Yale, and Ohio State are lining up to sing the praises of First Day. That's because they're made with real fruits and vegetables. And, maybe more importantly, they're made Without the high sugar content of the standard children's gummies.

Children are naturally susceptible to the dangers of sugar, and are actually at higher risk of health conditions from eating too much sugar.

With the CDC warning that childhood obesity rates are at an all-time high, and with 93% of kids not getting enough vegetables, First Day is the answer parents have been looking for.

That's why the First Day founders, educated at Yale and Stanford themselves, set out to create a children's gummy that gives kids the nutrients they need without being robbed of their health by too much sugar.

It is possible to get a kid’s gummy vitamin that makes parents and kids happy.

First Day offers a daily kids multivitamins that provide 9 essential vitamins without all the sugar or preservatives.

They'll help give your child the nutrition boost they need, providing an organic source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, D, and K2.

It's like an entire produce section in one yummy gummy!

The Yummy Gummies Packed With Vitamins

First Day gummies are made from simple, real food to give your children everything they need.

The team that put these together searched the world over to find ingredients that are unique because...they're REAL!

You won't find seventeen-syllable chemicals designed in a lab, not in any First Day gummies. Just a combination of 12 organic fruits and veggies (like spinach, broccoli, kale, and carrots), packed with the nutrients your little ones need.

They were put together to let your child feel more alert and focused, have a stronger immune system, and even easier digestion.

First Day knows you want the best for your children, that’s why they invested time and energy into a formula that helps them grow in both body and mind.

What Makes First Day Different?

First Day gummies are different for many reasons, the biggest of which is our philosophy. Many children's vitamins "overload," meaning they make claims like "100% of your daily vitamin C."

Truth is, when kids get more nutrients than their developing bodies can handle, it can actually lead to serious problems like weaker bones and even organ damage in extreme cases.

At First Day, we choose to fill in the gaps in your child's nutrition instead of over-supplementation. Our approach is considered safer and healthier for growing kids.

First Day offers your child the optimal dosage of 9 key nutrients, and avoids harmful tactics that seem great on the surface but are actually dangerous to your child.

Harnessing Nature’s Best Ingredients Using Science

First Day gummies are created using a science-driven approach, meaning that they use organic ingredients with an eye toward maximum absorption.

See, it's not enough to just have high-quality ingredients, especially not if your child's body won't absorb the good stuff. The First Day experts found the most absorbable forms of vitamins from around the world; this is called bioavailability.

Ultimately, it means those gummies won't go in one end and out the other. They'll provide your children the nutrition they need to grow up big, strong and able to be their best every day.

First Day gummies have what every child needs.

Less Sugar And More Good Stuff

First Day children's vitamins offer parents something amazing - less sugar! 80% less sugar in fact.

Instead of packing each gummy with as much glucose as possible, First Day uses natural flavors from fruits like strawberries and oranges. And kids STILL find them irresistible.

Plus, with a scientific focus on bioavailability, your little ones will absorb a larger amount of our recipe's 9 essential vitamins.

So, less sugar + more vitamins = happier parents!

Getting Started

Right now, First Day is offering a great deal - you can make a one-time purchase or you can subscribe and save 15%. They’re giving you the opportunity to test it out or dive right in - it's up to you.

And, because the First Day team believes in the product so much, they're offering a best-in-the-industry 45-day money-back guarantee!

Nutrient-packed gummy vitamins with 80% less sugar that kids will love. That’s what First Day is offering you right now! Click the link below to make your first purchase.


What Experts Say?

  • "When I choose vitamins, I consider their quality and safety records, ingredients, dosage, and testing protocol. First Day has created an excellent supplement for children."

    Leann Poston

    M.D, M.Ed, MBA,

    Pediatrician and Medical Educator

  • "It’s nearly impossible to get kids to eat the required three to four servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That’s why I recommend First Day Vitamins for children."

    Kim Langdon

    M.D. & OB/GYN


What First Day Parent Are Saying

Erin B


Best gummy vitamins out there!

My two girls absolutely love these vitamins! The container is so cute and I love that these are made with organic fruits and veggies and also do not contain harmful additives like artificial food dyes, etc. I also like that the sugar content is low, so many other vitamins are loaded with a ton of sugar! Thank you First Day!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

Amie S.


My Daughter finally has a vitamin she likes!

We've tried a lot of vitamins and we finally have one we both like! I like the ingredients and how they're made and she loves the taste!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Mervet H.


Great Product

I have tried so many different vitamins for my kids because they barely eat any meat or any type of protein. They never liked them, especially my 4 year old. These vitamins are amazing! My kids ask for them first thing in the morning every day. I will certainly be ordering more.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Quality of Product

Value of Product

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