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The Surprising Truth About Teenage Mood Swings

At age 15, my son was like a moody stranger. The truth behind his outbursts shocked me to the core.

Jessica Acosta

Monday, December 19th, 2022

My 15 year old son Mark slammed his report card on the table.


My jaw dropped open in shock.

"You're failing your classes?" I said, my blood pressure rising.

Mark didn't say a word... he just sat there with a scowl, staring into his lasagna.

How could this happen?

My son used to be the best kid in the world! He loved school, loved sports, and was a joy to be around.

But after he turned 15, things changed...over the course of a few months, he became moody and withdrawn, and lost interest in class.

"Mark, what is the meaning of this?" I said, tears welling in my eyes.

"Who cares?" he screamed back. "I don't give a crap about my grades... I wish I could just drop out."

Then he bolted up and stormed out of the kitchen.


We'd tried everything to help Mark... we tried cutting back on sports, hired expensive tutors, and even tried therapy.

None of it worked though. The more things we did, the worse his behavior got.

Later that night, I got an email from Mark's math teacher:

Mark is falling well short of his potential. He has trouble focusing and staying on task. He seems withdrawn and uninterested in school or his classmates. This is a troubling trend and requires action before it's too late.

I couldn't believe it. My son was throwing his life away, right before my eyes... and I was powerless to stop it.

It was too much to take... I burst out crying in big, heavy sobs, and didn't stop for a good ten minutes.

Some Unexpected Help From a Friend

A couple days later, I was chatting with my neighbor Kathleen.  

I was still hurting, and needed to vent. I told Kathleen about Mark's problems at school... and to my surprise, she'd been there too.

"My girls struggled in school, especially my oldest. It started when she was around 14 or 15, just like Mark."

Her daughter had been moody, withdrawn, and constantly tired. Then, after a year of searching, they found out the problem.

"The doctor recommended doing blood work, so we went in and did some tests. We realized my daughter wasn't getting enough vitamins."

Is Your Teenager's Brain Starving?

Kathleen's story got me thinking. Could Mark's diet be causing his mood swings?

I was determined to find out.

For three hours that night, I read about a dozen blog posts, articles, and studies. When I finished, my eyes were bloodshot.

What I discovered shocked me. According to scientists...

The brain of the average teen is starved for vitamins.

Around age 12-15, the teenage brain undergoes dramatic change...

New connections are made, and new parts of the brain start talking to each other.

To make those connections work, the brain needs a precise amount of certain key nutrients.

Above all, teenagers need a source of natural, high-quality Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Folate.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D affects serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood.

According to studies, when teens don't get enough Vitamin D, they can experience mood swings, anxiety, and fatigue.

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. But these days, teens spend more and more time indoors... which means they're often not getting enough.

In fact, it's estimated that three-quarters of American teens are deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 helps produce SAM-e, an important mood-regulating compound.

Traditionally, teens would get Vitamin D from whole foods in their diet. But with modern eating habits, many are deficient.

Teens who don't get enough B-12 may experience fatigue, nervousness, and depression.


Folate helps your teen produce important chemicals for brain signaling.

According to scientists, folate deficiency may lead to major depressive disorder. A review of 11 studies and 15,315 people found a link between low folate and depression.

LIke Vitamin B-12, Folate teens used to get enough Folate through a balanced diet. But with today's fast food and empty calories, many teens don't get enough.

The Organic "Superfood Gummy" that Gave Me Back My Son

I'm no doctor. But the science made sense to me... and after all the things we'd tried, I was willing to try a vitamin.

So that night, I went online and checked out Teen's Daily Kickstart, the vitamin Kathleen recommended.


I liked that they're made from organic fruits and vegetables, and non-GMO. Plus, they're low on sugar, unlike a lot of gummy brands.

After reading a bunch of raving reviews, I decided to order a bottle. What did I have to lose?

A couple days later, the gummies arrived in the mail.

Before giving them to Mark, I wanted to try them myself. I opened the green bottle, took out a gummy, and popped it in my mouth.

Delicious! My mouth got a burst of fresh, ripe fruit. I knew Mark would like it.

The next morning, I showed him the bottle.

"Yeah whatever, I'll try it," Mark said, as I handed him two of the gummies.

"Hey, that's pretty good," he said, chomping them down.

I guess Mark liked the vitamins, because I never had to remind him to take them.

First thing in the morning, he would come down to the kitchen, open the cupboard, and take out two of "his gummies" before heading to school.

How Did Things Go With Teen's Daily Kickstart?

For the first week or so, nothing much changed with Mark. He was still cranky and lethargic, same as always.

But by week two, I started to notice small changes... he seemed a little less stressed, and easier to get along with at home.  

Was it the gummies? I wasn't sure.. but I was thankful, either way.

Then during the third week, something amazing happened. I was outside on the back porch, when I heard Mark coming home from school.

"Honey, how was class today?" I asked.

Normally, he'd just mutter "fine," and run off to play Nintendo. But this time he opened his backpack and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Check it out, I got a note from my algebra teacher," he said smiling.

"Great job on the quiz! You're making progress and doing great. Keep it up :)"

I looked up, and Mark was beaming.

For months, algebra had been a daily struggle. So this was BIG news.

"Great job honey," I said, bringing him in for a hug.

I was on cloud 9, beaming with pride. With the help of First Day, Mark was finally on track with school...

And I had my happy, loving son back.

Does Teen's Daily Kickstart Really Work?

*Individual results may vary

What Makes Teen's Daily Kickstart So Effective?

  • ⊛ Packed with 9 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to help teens grow strong, mentally and physically
  • ⊛ Blend of 12 organic superfoods like Kale, Broccoli, Blueberry, Spinach, Beet, and Green Cabbage

  • ⊛ Optimal amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Folate - vitamins that play a role in regulating mood and helping teens feel calm and focused
  • ⊛ Up to 80% less sugar than other vitamins. While other brands coat their gummies in sugar, First Day's natural flavors make them delicious

  • ⊛ Only the good stuff: Contains no artificial flavors, colors, gluten, gelatin, or GMOs. Teen's Daily Kickstart is made in Germany in a state of the art production facility


Premium-Quality Nutrition You Can Trust

Getting teens to eat right can be a struggle.

But even if I could feed my boys more fruits and veggies... they still may not be getting all the right nutrients, in the right amounts.

Too much of any one vitamin can be as harmful as too little.

A lot of vitamin companies try to impress you with big numbers on the label, which can be bad for their health.

That's why I stick with Teen's Daily Kickstart.

First Day uses premium, organic fruits and vegetable extracts at optimal doses.

Their gummies are free from gluten, gelatin, artificial dyes, and the other stuff some brands use to cut costs.

They're also very affordable, compared to other premium brands.

If I sound like a raving First Day fan, that's because I am.

Teen's Daily Kickstart helped my son get back on track, and helped restore peace in my home.

Mark still has his ups and downs, and we've still got a ways to go. But overall, I've been mighty impressed by these gummies.


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Hi, I'm Jessica Acosta. I thought I knew a lot...then I became a mom. Then came the tears. And the daily struggles. That's why I like to write about ways to get rid of the stress that comes with the million responsibilities of a mom. So you get the peace you deserve.

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