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Vitamins for Kids: What to Look for and What to Avoid

Mary-Ann Tanner

Monday, March 6th, 2023

4 months ago, I got a crash-course in kid's vitamins.

It all started around my daughter Sophie's 5th birthday. Sophie was pretty much the perfect child... sweet, happy, and energetic. But after she turned 5, things started changing, fast.

Out of nowhere, she was fighting me and throwing tantrums over every little thing.

I'd tell her,"You need to get dressed, Sophie," and she would pout and say I was "being mean." Then she would start screaming, crying, and rolling on the floor!

Day after day, it was the same outbursts. We tried everything to help her... time out, taking away electronics, setting boundaries, we even took Sophie to a therapist.

Nothing ever worked, though. She was miserable, and so were we... but then a trip to the pediatrician changed everything.

While there for a checkup, I told him all about Sophie's tantrums. I was nearly in tears... but after I finished, the doctor nodded his head, and asked "Have you ever heard of Hidden Hunger?"

Hidden Hunger is when your kid isn't getting enough high-quality foods, he explained. If they aren't getting enough fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and proteins, it can lead to behavior problems. And not only that... over time, Hidden Hunger can contribute to anemia, immune disorders, cognitive issues, and worse.

We took Sophie in for bloodwork, and the doctor was right–while she looked perfectly healthy, Sophie was deficient in several key nutrients. I was probably overdoing the snacks and fast food, he said... and not giving her enough of the fruits and veggies her body needed.

Hearing that was like a punch to the gut... after all, I was the one feeding my daughter. But it turns out, most parents don't know when their kids are dealing with Hidden Hunger.

So rather than beat myself up, I decided to fight back. I started reading studies, articles, and medical journals to learn all I could about Hidden Hunger.

After all that research, this was my big takeaway: You DON'T need to make big lifestyle changes to protect against Hidden Hunger.

In fact, a daily vitamin is usually enough. With the right kid's vitamin, you can give your child the nutrients they need, in the right amounts, so they grow healthy and strong.

I spent a solid week finding the perfect vitamin for Sophie. My standards are high, and I wanted the best of the best for my little girl.

So you don't have to spend hours and hours researching, here's what I learned about how to find the perfect vitamin for your child.


What to Avoid and What to Look For in a Kid's Vitamin


Avoid: Non-Organic Ingredients, GMOs, and Artificial Flavors

If a vitamin isn't organic, drop it. Non-organic ingredients can have traces of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer... chemicals that can wreak havoc on your kid's developing brain and body. You also want to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms). GMOs are linked to health problems like learning disabilities, slowed reaction time, and organ abnormalities, and haven't been tested for long-term effects. Better safe than sorry. Finally, look out for artificial flavors and colors.

Look For: High-Quality, Organic Ingredients

Clean, organic ingredients is the #1 thing to look for. Organic ingredients aren't just safer, they're more nutrient-dense, too. Which means they have more of the essential vitamins and minerals your kid's body needs. No high-quality vitamin will have artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. They don't need them! Organic fruits and veggies are enough to give vitamins a pleasing natural color and delicious taste. Organic vitamins may cost a little more, but for me, the health benefits make them well worth it.


Avoid: Vitamins With 100% Daily Values

It may sound surprising, but "100% daily values" can be a red flag. Kids already get some vitamins and minerals from their diet, and only need to "fill in the gaps" to prevent Hidden Hunger. If your kid gets more nutrients than they need, it can be just as bad as not getting enough. Too much vitamin A can weaken bones, for example, and too much Vitamin D can cause organ damage.

Look For: Vitamins Designed to Fill in the Gaps

"Filling in the gaps" is the best approach when it comes to kids supplements. Look for a vitamin that complements their diet, and doesn't overload them with excessive nutrients. That way, your kid gets the optimal daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


Avoid: Excessive Sugar

The last thing kids need is a daily "sugar bomb." But some vitamin brands have as much as 10 grams per serving, which is basically candy. Too much sugar can lead to behavior problems, weight problems, tooth decay, and health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Now, a little sugar is fine... after all, kids will enjoy taking a sweet-tasting vitamin over a bland one. And if your child doesn't like the taste, they may resist taking the vitamin.  

Look For: Low Added Sugar

A good rule of thumb is to look for a brand with less than 3 grams of sugar per serving. That's enough to sweeten the taste, and still be healthy. It's better for your kid, and indicates a better vitamin overall. Quality vitamins taste great naturally, without needing excessive added sugar or artificial flavors.


Avoid: Hard Pills and Capsules

Pills and capsules can pose a choking hazard, especially for children under 6. Even if they can swallow them, a lot of kids dislike hard vitamins and find them unpleasant. So avoid pills and capsules, or you could sour your kid on taking vitamins all together.

Look For: Vitamins in Gummy Form

Gummy vitamins are the best option. Gummies are safer, easier to take, and more fun for kids to eat. They like the chewy texture, and can swallow them without trouble. Just be sure to read the label–a lot of gummy vitamin brands are loaded with sugar. Again, less than 3 grams per serving is fine... it's enough to be pleasantly sweet (but healthy), and your kid is more likely to enjoy the vitamin.


Avoid: Gelatin, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts, Eggs, and Fish

Avoid any and all allergens. A good list to start with includes gelatin, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, and fish. What if your kiddo has never had an allergic reaction? In my opinion, it's better safe than sorry. Your kid could have an allergy that's undiagnosed, or potentially develop one after exposure. There are good allergen-free vitamins available, so there's no need to risk it.

Look For: Allergen-Free Formula

Choose a vitamin that's 100 free from common allergens. Clean, allergen-free vitamins will be clearly labeled and will be free from gelatin, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, and fish.


Avoid: Large, Faceless Companies

Most vitamins are owned by one of 14 megacorporations. Even many "wholesome" sounding brands are owned by companies like Pfizer and Clorox. These megacorps will sell vitamins to anyone and everyone, often using cheap ingredients and manufacturing. Plus, they're more likely to use outdated science, which can be harmful to your kid's health.

Look For: A Reputable Brand With Real People

Independent brands generally make higher-quality vitamins than the megacorps. Why? Because smaller brands focus on making a high-quality product, and not profit at all costs. Here's another hint: look at the names behind the company. Are there health experts associated with the brand? I'm only comfortable if there are actual doctors, scientists, and nutritionists in the company leadership. That's a good sign they know what they're doing.


Product image of Kids Daily Enrichment First Day vitamins in a kitchen

How I Finally Found the Right Vitamin for Sophie

After all my research, those are the 6 "must haves" for ANY vitamin I would consider giving my daughter. The good thing is, having high standards makes choosing the right brand easy... there aren't many that pass the test!

After all was said and done, only one vitamin checked all the boxes: Kid's Daily Enrichment from First Day. It's specifically formulated to prevent Hidden Hunger, which is exactly what I needed for Sophie.

It had everything I was looking for:

  • • Premium, organic ingredients ✓
  • • Designed to "fill in the gaps" ✓
  • • Low added sugar (only 2 grams per serving) ✓
  • • Delicious gummy format, not a pill or capsule ✓
  • • Allergen-free formula ✓
  • • Made by a reputable independent brand ✓
  • • Formulated by scientists from Harvard and Yale ✓

Just two gummies gives your kid 9 vitamins and 12 organic fruits and veggies that they need to grow strong and healthy.

Kids Daily Enrichment is made from delicious, organic fruits and veggies like apple, kale, spinach, and blueberry. There are no synthetic flavors, colors, or fillers... just premium, all-natural ingredients.

And unlike other brands, First Day won't overload your kid with nutrients. By filling the gaps, your child gets just the right amount of vitamins in each dose.

So, how did things go with Sophie?

Since starting Kid's Daily Enrichment, she's been calmer, kinder, and easier to get along with. And get this... Sophie even started eating more fruits and veggies!

Thanks to First Day, life is good again. Clearly, I'm a big fan of their vitamins... and I'm happy to help get the word out.

They aren't the cheapest option out there. But when it comes to vitamins, you get what you pay for. How much is it worth to help protect your kid's health? For me, it was an easy choice.


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Hi, I'm Mary-Ann Tanner. I thought I knew a lot...then I became a mom. Then came the tears. And the daily struggles. That's why I like to write about ways to get rid of the stress that comes with the million responsibilities of a mom. So you get the peace you deserve.

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