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6 Reasons Why Health-Conscious Moms Give
Their Kids First Day

Looking for an organic vitamin your kid will love? Here's why First Day is the perfect choice!


Just the good stuff inside of First Day gummies


Premium, Natural Ingredients

First Day Gummies:

Our gummies are made with natural ingredients you can pronounce. You won't find any GMOs here! We use only organic fruits and veggies, like blueberries, apples, kale, and beetroot.

These wholesome, natural superfoods are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to nourish your kid's health.

Our vitamin gummies are:

• Free from pesticides and fertilizers

• Higher in vitamins and minerals

• Not genetically modified in any way

• Taste more natural and delicious

Other Brands:

Many popular brands like OLLY and Renzo's, aren't organic. To cut costs, some brands use cheap, mass-produced ingredients imported from China.

Not to mention, their vitamins may use GMO ingredients, soy, gluten, and even dangerous pesticides.

Simply put, we recommend you avoid non-organic brands.


First Day gummies chart sugar comparison to other vitamins


No Suprise Sugar Bombs!

(only 2 grams of sugar per serving)

First Day Gummies:

Our gummies have just 2 grams of sugar per serving. That's around 80% less sugar than other kid's brands!

We don't load our vitamins with sugar, because there aren't any cheap ingredients to cover up.

Our gummies are naturally bursting with rich, juicy fruit flavor your kids will love.

Other Brands:

The last thing your kid needs is more sugar, right? Too much sugar can cause behavior issues, obesity, and chronic health problems in kids.

But that doesn't stop other brands from loading their vitamins with it. Some kid's vitamins have as much as 10 grams of sugar per serving. That's nearly half the recommended daily amount!

Usually, companies add sugar to mask the unpleasant taste of mass-produced ingredients. One more reason you should stay away from sugar-bomb brands.

List of vitamins included in First Day gummies


Just the Right Amount of Vitamins

(because over-supplementation can be harmful)

First Day Gummies:

Instead of overloading your kid with nutrients, our gummies are designed to fill in the gaps in their diet.

This modern approach to supplements is considered safer and healthier for growing kids.

With First Day, your child gets the optimal dosage of 9 key nutrients, while avoiding harmful over-supplementation.

Other Brands:

If you check the nutrient label, a lot of brands have 100% "daily values" across the board. That may look impressive, but it can actually be harmful to your kiddo.

When kids get more nutrients than their bodies can handle, it can lead to serious problems like weak bones and even organ damage.

Why risk it? Choose a vitamin that fills the gaps in your kid's diet instead.

Collage of families and their First Day gummies


Delicious Taste, Even Picky Eaters Love

First Day Gummies:

Kids love the natural strawberry & orange taste of our gummies. It's easy to see why!

We use delicious, natural ingredients like organic strawberries, raspberries, and carrots, and no weird-tasting fillers or binders.

Plus, our vitamins come in soft, gummy form so they're easy for your kid to chew and swallow. Now you can say goodbye to hard pills and capsules!

Other Brands:

Pick up a bottle of bargain-brand vitamins, and read the label.

There's a good chance you'll see some strange-looking names like Silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide, and Calcium silicate among the ingredients. What the heck are those?

They're mostly fillers and anti-caking agents that make manufacturing cheaper. Aside from being a strange chemical you don't want to give your child, fillers have an artificial taste kid's don't like.

Not to mention, they may cause health issues like ​​intestinal inflammation and DNA damage. Our recommendation?

Avoid giving your kid any vitamins with these unnecessary chemicals.

Allergen free image, free of tree nuts, fish, milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, soy


Vegan, Gelatin-Free Formula

First Day Gummies:

Here's another ingredient to look out for: gelatin, which comes from the boiled bones of pigs and cows.

A lot of brands you'll see use gelatin, but not First Day. Our gummies are proudly vegan and gelatin-free.

Instead of gelatin, we use pectin, a sustainable ingredient made from citrus peels. Pectin is healthier for your kiddo, and better for the planet, too.

Other Brands:

Many vitamin brands use gelatin as a binder because it's cheaper. But there are several reasons you should be cautious about giving your kid gelatin.

Since gelatin comes from animal bones, it may have leftover hormones and antibiotics that can make your kid sick.

In addition, some kids are allergic to gelatin, and can get bloated, gassy, and constipated from consuming it. Don't risk it.

We recommend you avoid any vitamins with gelatin.

First Day's scientific advisors, Dr. Lei Chen and Dr. Ed Giovannucci


Formulated by Pediatricians, Backed by Science

First Day Gummies:

First Day is a small business with one mission: to find the best natural health formulas based on modern science.

That's why we brought on two Ivy League doctors to serve our company's board. Dr. Ed Giovannucci is a Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard, and Dr. Lei Chen is a Professor of Pediatrics at Yale.

Aside from being experts in child health, Dr. Giovannucci and Dr. Chen are both parents who care deeply about the health of their own kids.

Other Brands:

Most vitamin brands are owned by one of 14 mega-corporations, like Pfizer or Clorox.

Their #1 goal is profit. These mega-corps want to sell vitamins to anyone and everyone, using cheap ingredients and manufacturing.

And not only that. They often use outdated science to create their formulas, which can be harmful to your child's health.


First Day is the #1 vitamin for many parents around the world. And it could be the perfect fit for you.

But here's the thing:

To make our gummies, we only source the very best natural ingredients. And due to shortages, some of them are in high demand.

If we run out, we won’t be able to make more batches of our gummies. Because we refuse to use cheaper, substitute ingredients.

We’ve already sold out of our kid's gummies 6 times, so make sure to use this opportunity now.

Order today, and guarantee your bottles from our warehouse. Remember: If you're not 100% happy, we'll issue you a full refund.

If you want the best for your kid, try First Day gummies today.

45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 💰

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